9 April 2018

Manhattan Beach Book Club: Week 6

I didn't love this section as much as the others only because we built up Anna and Dexter so much and then immediately abandoned that plot line to go back in time with Eddie. I didn't really care that much about Eddie's history but it was heartbreaking to read about his opinions on Lydia. I can only imagine how hard it would be to have a child who is sick, I assume you'd definitely blame yourself, but it really sucks that it inhibits the relationship you have with that child as well. It was crazy reading how he wished she'd just been a stillborn, but I think despite the guilt of thinking that, a lot of parents in similar situations probably share that sentiment at some point or another.

I don't really understand what's about to happen in the next section... is Dexter sending Anna down to dive for her dad's dead body? Is that what's going on?


  1. I also don't have A LOT to say about this passage. And like Meg said I was so sad reading that section where Eddie just held Lydia while sobbing, and wishing for the still birth..

    1. I agree. Interesting that we waited and wondered so long about Eddie's story, and yet when it came to it I just didn't have much empathy or interest in it. Perhaps we weren't ready to let the other stories go? My favourite character/dialogue was with Sparks!
      "It's bad luck," Eddie said. "Talking that way about your mother."
      "The bad luck was having such a mother," Sparks said.
      And then Part Six gets kinda weird...

    2. I think that's exactly it- I wish his story had been told sooner and that we didn't feel so removed / resentful towards him when he's finally re-introduced.