14 October 2021

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

I wasn't in a hurry to read this new Elizabeth Gilbert book even though she's a top author for me because it's set in the 40's and I don't care for period work. Slowing down on our reviews felt like a good time to read what I thought was going to be a slow burner but I ended up liking it, or most of it, I think.

1 October 2021

September recap

25 September 2021

Beautiful World, Where Are You? by Sally Rooney

I was so excited to finally be on the Sally Rooney train when her book is actually new. I have been late to the party on Normal People and Conversations with Friends, so it was fun to go to the bookstore on the release date. I don't love hardcover, but I could not wait months for a paperback copy. I read this quickly because I enjoyed it so, so much.

17 September 2021

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

I was so excited to read this, especially in advance of the Amazon Prime adaptation that's airing weekly now, but it was a really big flop for me (the book and the show). I have loved Moriarty's writing in the past (Big Little Lies, The Husband's Secret) and I really loved the HBO adaptation of Big Little Lies, but something about this plot felt way too out of touch for me even though the writing was still good. Even my sister warned me that this wasn't very good and she's not a huge reader.

9 September 2021

Book Adaptations at TIFF 2021

Another year we won't be making TIFF and it's even harder this year knowing they are showing movies but we just couldn't make it work so last minute with job changes and travel uncertainty. Mark our words, we will see 2022. 

The following book adaptations are showing at the festival over the next two weeks and I believe you can still get tickets.

3 September 2021

August Recap

We need more time to read books that we don't necessarily need for blog content so here we are trying something new and talking about some other stuff we enjoy. I know this post will make it sound like when we're not reading all we do is watch tv and look at our phones and that is exactly correct.

19 August 2021

The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead

I picked this book up completely randomly when shopping for Christmas. It was stickered as $15 and when I took a closer look I noticed it won the Pulitzer Prize in 2020 for fiction. I was hesitant to start it because the subject matter seemed so bleak, but when Colson Whitehead's other Pulitzer winner The Underground Railroad came out as an Amazon Prime series, I decided it was time to check out his writing.