Reviews A-Z

Alderman, Naomi - Disobedience
Arntfield, Michael - Murder City
Arntfield, Michael & Danesi, Marcel - Murder In Plain English
Atwood, Margaret - Alias Grace
Atwood, Margaret - The Handmaid's Tale
Atwood, Margaret - The Heart Goes Last

Banks, Russell - Continental Drift
Barrymore, Drew - Wildflower
Benchley, Peter - Jaws
Bertin, Kris - The Case of the Missing Men
Bissinger, H.G. - Friday Night Lights: A Town, A Team and A Dream
Blume, Judy - Smart Women
Blume, Judy - Summer Sisters
Blume, Judy - Wifey
Bock, Charles - Alice & Oliver
Bock, Charles - Beautiful Children
Bolin, Alice - Dead Girls
Bugliosi, Vincent with Gentry, Curt - Helter Skelter
Buntin, Julie - Marlena

Cahalan, Susannah - Brain on Fire
Capote, Truman - In Cold Blood
Conley, Garrard - Boy Erased

Daugherty, Tracy - The Last Love Song: A Biography of Joan Didion
Davidson, Robyn - Tracks
Didion, Joan - The Last Thing He Wanted
Didion, Joan - Miami
Didion, Joan - South and West
Dobash, Rebecca & Russell - When Men Murder Women
Dorfman, Andi - It's Not Okay
Dorfman, Andi - Single State of Mind
Dryden, Ken - The Game
Dunne, John Gregory - True Confessions
Dunne, John Gregory - Vegas: A Memoir of a Dark Season

Edelstein, Anne - Lifesaving for Beginners
Egan, Jennifer - Manhattan Beach
Eggers, Dave - The Circle
Eggers, Dave - Heroes of the Frontier
Ephron, Delia - Sister Mother Husband Dog
Ephron, Nora - I Feel Bad About My Neck
Eskins, Allen - The Deep Dark Descending

Faris, Anna - Unqualified
Farrow, Ronan - Catch and Kill
Flieger, Jon R. - You Are Among Monsters
Fisher, Carrie- Shockaholic
Flynn, Gillian- Gone Girl
Ford, Richard - Wildlife
Fox, Paula - Desperate Characters
Franzen, Jonathan - The Corrections
Franzen, Jonathan - The End of the End of the World
Franzen, Jonathan - Purity

Gilbert, Elizabeth - Committed
Gilbert, Elizabeth - The Last American Man
Gilbert, Elizabeth - The Signature of All Things
Gilbert, Elizabeth - Stern Men
Graham, Lauren - In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It
Graham, Lauren - Talking as Fast as I Can
Grinder, Grant - The People We Hate At The Wedding

Halpern, Julie - Maternity Leave
Handler, Chelsea - Life Will Be the Death of Me
Heil, Nick - Dark Summit
Herr, Michael - Dispatches
Hersey, John - Hiroshima
Heti, Sheila - Motherhood
Hilderbrand, Elin - The Love Season
Hilderbrand, Elin - Winter Solstice
Hilderbrand, Elin - Winter Storms
Hilderbrand, Elin - Winter Street
Hilderbrand, Elin - Winter Stroll
Huebert, David - Peninsula Sinking
Hornby, Nick - About a Boy

Ishiguro, Kazuo - Never Let me Go
Ishiguro, Kazuo - When We Were Orphans

Jenkins, Jedidiah - To Shake The Sleeping Self
Jones, Tayari - An American Marriage
July, Miranda - The First Bad Man

Kang, Han - The Vegetarian
Karr, Mary - The Art of Memoir
Karr, Mary - The Liar's Club
Kaufman, Amy - Bachelor Nation
Keefe, Patrick Radden - Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland
Kendrick, Anna - Scrappy Little Nobody
King, Stephen - On Writing
Kinsella, Sophie - I Owe You One
Klosterman, Chuck - But What if We're Wrong?
Klosterman, Chuck - Raised in Captivity
Klosterman, Chuck - X
Krakauer, Jon - Into the Wild
Krakauer, Jon - Into Thin Air
Krakauer, Jon - Where Men Win Glory
Kyle, Chris w McEwan, Scott & DeFelice, Jim - American Sniper

Lam, Vincent - Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures
Lansing, Alfred - Endurance
Ledgard, J. M. - Submergence
Lerner, Ben - 10:04
Lewis, C. S. - A Grief Observed
Lewis, Michael - The Blind Side
Lewis, Michael - The Fifth Risk
Lewis, Michael - Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt
Lewis, Michael - Moneyball
Light, Douglas - Where Night Stops
Lindhout, Amanda & Corbett, Sara - A House in the Sky
Lipsky, David - Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself
Lord, Walter - A Night to Remember

Mailer, Norman - The Executioner's Song
Makkai, Rebecca - The Great Believers
Mandel, Emily St. John - Station Eleven
Mapes, Mary - Truth and Duty 
Marquis, Sarah - Wild by Nature
Martin, Charles - The Mountain Between Us
Max, D.T. - Every Love Story is a Ghost Story
McCandless, Carine - The Wild Truth
McEwan, Ian - The Children Act
McNamara, Michelle - I'll Be Gone In The Dark
Melville, Herman - Moby Dick
Mollen, Jenny - Live Fast Die Hot
Moriarty, Liane - The Husband's Secret
Mullally, Megan & Offerman, Nick - The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

O'Connell, Meaghan - And Now We Have Everything: On Motherhood Before I Was Ready
Oldham Ashcraft, Tami - Red Sky in Mourning
Orlean, Susan - The Library Book
Orlean, Susan - The Orchid Thief
Oxford, Kelly - Everything is Perfect When You're a Liar
Oxford, Kelly - When You Find Out The World Is Against You
Owen, Adrian - Into the Gray Zone

Phillips, Busy - This Will Only Hurt A Little

Rehmeyer, Julie - Through the Shadowlands
Reid, Taylor Jenkins - Daisy Jones and the Six
Rooney, Sally - Normal People
Roth, Philip - American Pastoral

Safran Foer, Jonathan - Eating Animals
Safran Foer, Jonathan - Everything is Illuminated
Safran Foer, Jonathan - Here I Am
Safran Foer, Jonathan - We Are the Weather
Schlink, Bernhard - The Reader
Schumer, Amy - The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo
Shoalts, Adam - Alone Against the North
Showler, Suzannah - Most Dramatic Ever: The Bachelor
Shreve, Anita - Eden Close
Shreve, Anita - Fortune's Rocks
Shreve, Anita - The Last Time They Met
Shreve, Anita - The Stars Are Fire
Simpson, Joe - Touching the Void
Simpson, O.J. - If I Did It
Sparks, Nicholas - Every Breath
Sparks, Nicholas - Two by Two
Steinbeck, John - East of Eden
Strauss, Darin - Half a Life
Strayed, Cheryl - Wild
Strout, Elizabeth - Olive Kitteridge

Tartt, Donna - The Goldfinch
Thomas, Abigail - A Three Dog Life
Thomas, Abigail - What Comes Next and How to Like It
Thomas, Matthew - We are Not Ourselves
Thuy, Kim - Ru
Tulathimutte, Tony- Private Citizens

Ung, Loung - First They Killed My Father
Union, Gabrielle - We're Going to Need More Wine

Vaillant, John - The Golden Spruce
Vandermeer, Jeff - Annihilation

Walls, Jeanette - The Glass Castle 
Walsh, David - Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong
Windhorst, Brian & Mcmenamin, Dave - Return of the King (Lebron James)
Wolitzer, Meg - The Uncoupling
Wurtzel, Elizabeth - Prozac Nation

Yanagihara, Hanya - A Little Life

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