29 November 2021

November Recap

24 November 2021

The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe

Not to be insensitive, but I also felt like my experience reading The Right Stuff  by Tom Wolfe involved me crashing and burning. I felt it started off really strong and I couldn't wait to learn more about this career/culture/obsession, but after 100 pages I started to lose interest. Not to be a bummer, but I also had sky high expectations for the Philip Kaufman movie adaptation, but found it too long and too boring. This is also my first experience reading anything by Tom Wolfe! 

12 November 2021

Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold with David Roberts

Anyone who spent time with me towards the spring of 2019 likely wanted to die because I would not stop talking about Free Solo. The film had just won the Academy Award for best documentary and I watched the trailer so many times that Scott finally suggested we just watch it. We finished the movie with palms as sweaty as if we'd climbed el cap ourselves. I've now seen it in full 6x and made every single person I know watch it. I think it's a perfect documentary. Naturally, I was thrilled to find out Alex Honnold had written a book about his experiences. 

28 October 2021

October Recap

21 October 2021

Broken People by Sam Lansky

I am pretty positive I read about Sam Lansky's Broken People on a "best of" list, but there is also a pretty good chance I bought it on the cover alone... Regardless, I read Broken People during the last month of summer vacation and it wasn't as depressing as the title may suggest.

14 October 2021

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

I wasn't in a hurry to read this new Elizabeth Gilbert book even though she's a top author for me because it's set in the 40's and I don't care for period work. Slowing down on our reviews felt like a good time to read what I thought was going to be a slow burner but I ended up liking it, or most of it, I think.

1 October 2021

September recap