10 October 2022

September Recap

We look so forward to entering hibernation every year and September really kicks that off. Here's some of the stuff we've been into.

The Lessons by Naomi Alderman

I'll post a full write-up on this in the coming months but I really, really enjoyed it. I haven't read that much good fiction lately so this was a very welcomed surprise. I got it because of how much I loved Alderman's Disobedience. - MG

The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen

I have admittedly been in a slump reading wise and need to get back in gear. I started this book at the very end of August but haven't gone back to it in an entire month. I rushed out to by this when I first heard of it because it combines a lot of my interests - Pulitzer winner, Vietnam war, and Hollywood. I am committed to getting back into it this weekend! - MH

The Bear

Scott and I are only just starting to feel like we can handle proper television in the evenings after a fourth trimester that consisted of basically only Below Deck. This was our first foray back into scripted shows and it was a perfect dramedy with only 8, 30ish minute episodes. I think everyone has had at least kitchen-adjacent life experience to enjoy the drama of a chef show. I served for a number of years at a fancy country club and dated a trash bag of a chef for 2 years so I certainly appreciated the attention to detail they put into the characters. It's all out now on Disney+ and I think anyone would really like it. It's funny and sad and the episodes fly. - MG

Industry S2

Industry is hands down my favourite show on HBO right now. I was really into season one and the second season was just as engaging. I always watch this show with subtitles on because the dialogue in the background is also amazing. I often have no idea what is technically happening because its set in the finance world, but the writers still make you feel the weight of everyone's actions. Big time recommendation from me! - MH

Everything I Know About Love

I knew I wanted to watch something kind of light and charming when the school year started so I actually sprung for a free week trial of AMC+ to watch Everything I Know About Love. It's a cute British show about four university grads living together in London, England. It's mostly about friendship but there's lots of relationship storylines too. It is the equivalent of a bubble bath, which is high praise from me. - MH

American Woman (2018)

This has been sitting on my Netflix list for some time and I finally put it on and LOVED it. It stars Sienna Miller as a mom whose teenage daughter goes missing and is left to pick up the pieces and raise her grandson. She goes through a number of abusive relationships and money struggles along the way. Aaron Paul and Christina Hendricks co-star and everyone in this is just amazing but especially Miller who I feel was overlooked during this award season because she gives one hell of a performance.- MG

Sienna Miller in American Woman

I Saw the Devil (2010)

We are gearing up for October by covering serial killer movies for this month's movie club theme. My favourite we watched was 2010's I Saw the Devil by Kim Jee-woon. This movie is very deranged and violent so keep that in mind if you decide to fire it up one night. It's a revenge story that truly pushes the boundaries. - MH

We Can Do Hard Things: "Don't Let Your Dreams Ruin Your Life"

This is a Cheryl Strayed fan blog really and I was giddy to see her joining Glennon Doyle's podcast with a title like this. The episode is career-focused about how people aren't willing to be successful where they are because they're too busy shooting for bigger things, and I feel like this sentiment applies more broadly in life. I text Meg and told her it was basically advocating for settling which we love to do, but I'm sure Strayed would hate this take. You can listen here. - MG

Cheryl Strayed, a bibliotaphsblog favourite

Talk the Thrones

I have been really enjoying the weekly House of the Dragon recaps on Ringer Verse. They do A LOT of coverage on the show, but this is an ~hour episode that drops immediately after the TV show airs on Sunday nights. Two of the podcasters are big Game of Thrones fans and have read all the books multiple times and the other host just watches the TV show. This gives it a good balance between like extreme nerdiness and general critic. I honestly have been enjoying the recaps more than the show itself. - MH 

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