19 April 2017

We Are Not Ourselves Book Club: Week 7


All of this stuff with Ed just keeps getting more and more sad. I felt crushed for both him and Eileen during her work party when he feels up that girl and then says "they'll never know the real me"... and how sad that they won't. I hope if I ever start suffering from Alzheimer's I won't actually know about it properly and pity myself the way Ed does. 

I'm finding in this section that I have more empathy for both Eileen and Connell both. I liked the bit when Connell skips the train to Chicago to sit and have a muffin with his dad, and apologizes for going off to school. I understand Connell's desire to go far away to school but I also can't imagine looking at my sick dad across a booth and having the elephant in the room be that I'm choosing to leave him. It was such a sweet scene for me and I'm glad Connell is finally being less of a jerk about it. I'm also loving Eileen polishing off that fancy bottle of wine she bought for company and eating her feelings. I think I'd be eating a lot too if everything else in my life was crumbling... I eat a lot now if I can't find a good torrent of Girls to download for the week. 

One of the sweetest bits from this section (I promise to stop saying sweet) is when Ed goes to buy Eileen that dress and he has her size written down on that piece of paper. I think its so cute how hard he's trying not to fall apart and I thought it was nice of Eileen to just let him get the wrong size and not make him feel bad that he didn't know. I wouldn't have expected that from her. 


Ahhhh! I forgot to write this in time so I am sneakily doing it while I’m supposed to be focused on something else. So unfortunately I won’t have any quotations to share this week because I don’t have my book with me. Anyways, another sad, sad week for the Leary family.

I fully sobbed over the scene where Ed and Frank are in the art gallery together. Frank had just suffered a stroke so he is in a wheelchair and can’t really communicate. And obviously Ed is suffering more and more each day from memory loss. It’s the scene where Eileen and Frank’s wife walk in on them staring at a giant painting … and Ed is trying to remember who it is of. He knows it is one of his favourites, but can’t place the subject. It was so cute and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Of course I also started sobbing when Ed buys Eileen that Valentine’s card …. Are we just going to be sobbing the rest of the entire book? It’s this kind of heartwarming stuff that really crushes me. 

I know there was a line from the book for this moment I really liked, but again I am writing this quickly and without the book … But I was really interested in the part where Eileen starts to consider alcohol as a coping mechanism … Considering the alcoholism that ran in her family, especially with her mother. 

Anyways, that’s all I have for the week! Sad stuff as always. 

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