13 June 2022

May Recap

May felt good after this past winter. The weather wasn't a total asshole and people are hanging out again after two years of being scared of it! Here's what we got up to...

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

Meg recommended this book to me haphazardly in 2015 and I haven't eaten meat since. I'd say only a sociopath could after reading it but Meg still does.... Foer is a blog favourite and he isn't a vegan activist so everyone groaning can relax. He's a sociologist, a historian, and at the time of writing this, a meat eater. It's an incredible look into the practice of eating animals and this second baby of mine has been screaming for a salami sandwich since the start of the second trimester so I needed a re-read to remind myself why I don't. You can read my full & very old review here. - MG

Raised in Captivity by Chuck Klosterman

Klosterman is another blog favourite but unfortunately I didn't even finish this one. It's a short story collection and they're all sort of weird plot wise. Meg wrote a full review of this one here and had similar thoughts, but she did finish it. - MG

Aftermath by Rachel Cusk

I have been so slow to read lately because May is the busiest month for reading/grading student reports at my work ... But, I bought this short book based on the advice of my friend Michael and enjoyed it. It is a brief non-fiction account of the author's divorce. Review coming soon! - MH

Summer House S6

Where my Bravo fans at??? Bravo has really filled a void for me this year since quitting The Bachelor and one of the first shows I binged was Summer House. I recently finished season 6 and my friend Marijke and I are in agreement the show really needs a cast overhaul. There are too many couples taking away from the sleeziness it needs. I also hate that Paige was a flaming bitch on the reunion because she's usually my favourite. - MG

How I Met Your Father S1

I am a big Hilary Diff fan and I will be until the day I die so that meant I needed to watch this despite knowing it would be terrible. It also means I'll watch the next season if it gets renewed (but that feels like a heavy if honestly). This felt like a colossal waste of my time every week. I hated the Kim Catrell intro for each episode, and every character was trying too hard. - MG

The Below Deck Med S5 Cast

Below Deck Med S5

For me this was one of the juiciest seasons of BD Scott and I have watched so far. Between the chef's horrid "Vegas themed" dinner, Hannah's drug problem, the weird disappearing of Pete the deckhand and then Jess and her BRAND NEW boyfriend fighting non stop, I took a deep breath when it finally finished. I have to say, I was so, so charmed to see Malia back as a bosun only to then watch her fall off a cliff when her boyfriend joined as the new chef and she spent all day coddling him making sure he was happy. I was exhausted for her. - MG

Slow Horses

This is a quick six-episode season on Apple TV+ that I really enjoyed. It's about this group of British spies who screwed up in the field so got sent to a dead-end spy job at "Slough House." Gary Oldman is their wrangler and he is thriving in the role of deadbeat boozer with holes in his sock. I've been listening to the theme song ("Strange Game" by Mick Jagger) all week. This is the show your dad has been waiting for! - MH

Gary Oldman in Slow Horses

Conversations with Friends

This was a MUCH anticipated second Sally Rooney adaptation ... but I have to say I found it disappointing.  It's about a young girl who starts an affair with a married man. I did not like the leads (I do not find Taylor Swift's boyfriend attractive at all) and found the show very blah. I feel for them because Normal People (the first Rooney adaptation) was AMAZING and the previously unknown leads were phenomenal. - MH

the cast of Conversations with Friends

Ozark Series Finale

I won't say a word about the plot because I know Meg hasn't finished it yet... but I am sad/happy to see this show go. Jason Bateman is my number one celebrity crush and I think Laura Linney is brilliant. BUT, this show made me a anxious and depressed person and I practically dreaded turning on an episode. A coworker and I agreed that we could have written 4 separate endings. - MH 

King Richard

I wanted to hate this after all the Oscar drama. I also felt very much like why did they need to make this movie about their dad?? The Williams sisters are a perfect movie subject all on their own. BUT, it's impossible to watch this and not feel heart warmed, charmed, tear-filled if you will. Of course they made the movie about the dad, he worked as a full time salesmen for them for years. I loved this. It's a bit long but I can't see anyone not liking it. - MG

Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock in The Lost City

The Lost City

I told a number of people this was the "dumbest movie trailer I'd ever seen, included Marry Me with JLo and Owen Wilson," but this is what was playing when I took myself to the movies on mother's day and let me tell you it was so so fun. Not since Miss Congeniality have I seen Sandra Bullock in such a compelling role. Channing Tatum was also perfect and even though he only had ~10 minutes of screen time, it was for me maybe a top Brad Pitt role. If you can get past the stupid premise, it's a great time. - MG

Jackass 4.5

When we had the crazy storm a few weeks back my family went to my parents so we wouldn't have to live without our amenities for even 5 minutes longer. Scott and I watched this with my parents and we were all in tears laughing the entire time. I have always enjoyed a good Jackass movie, and this isn't the best one by any means, but I love sharing a laugh with my parents so much. - MG


This month I got to pick the theme for movie club and I chose five movies starring Meryl Streep. Heartburn is a Nora Ephron script (but basically her real life) directed by Mike Nichols. Every time I watch this movie I love it even more. Probably the most relatable character Meryl will ever play. - MH

a still from Men


This is the newest movie from writer/director Alex Garland! Stefan and I went to see it in theatres (which I'd highly recommend) in May and both left unsure of how we felt about it. We certainly liked it, but there's a lot to think about. I ended up rating it four stars after listening to an interview with the director. I highly recommend checking out the creepy/sinister trailer for it - it gives nothing away but lets you know the tone. Love a folklore horror starring Jessie Buckley! - MH


If you are planning a night in anytime soon than I would highly recommend watching M Night Shyamalan's newest movie Old. It is on Crave and is a great "what's going to happen next" flick. It is about this family who go on vacation and when they get to a secluded beach realize their children are aging at a rapid rate. - MH 

The Ringer's Town Hall

I recently started listening to The Ringer's Town Hall with Matthew Belloni. They are short ~30 minute episodes that cover Hollywood-related news like the aftermath of the Heard-Depp trial, how much money Tom Cruise made for Top Gun 2, and the disaster at Netflix. Short and sweet and keeps you in the pop culture loop! - MH 

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