26 March 2018

Manhattan Beach Book Club: Week 4

I know that Lydia dies in this section, but honestly the saddest part for me was Dexter describing his relationship with his dad. I love father-son relationships so much, and estranged ones crush me. It's why I love the movie The Judge so much.

He's an old man, Dexter thought, recalling his boss's labored breathing on the stoop this afternoon. He won't live forever. And felt again the sting of his father's slap, the wet ache in his eyes."

I also found the parts about Anna staying back in the city to be very interesting. It never even occurred to me how frowned upon it would be for an unmarried woman to live alone... but then, it's totally fine for her to drive around and go to the beach with a married man? So I am really just learning what's appropriate and what's not.

It's weird, besides the jokes about marrying a returning officer, Anna never expresses a romantic interest in anyone (so far). She seems solely interested in furthering her career, and never seems upset or lonely that she doesn't have male companionship. I like how this subtle feminism is coming into play, because they don't make a big deal about her independence either. It's not like she is running around screaming how she doesn't want to get married like in an Austen novel. It's honestly kind of refreshing.


  1. So this is a pretty eventful section in that Lydia dies. I know this will make me sound cold and callous but I didn’t find myself feeling too upset about her death..? I just feel like I never really felt much connection to Lydia’s character … and I know that because she is essentially locked in her own body the way we are supposed to feel for her should be communicated through Anna and her mother’s feelings for her, but still … I just couldn’t seem to care.

    The passage where Anna and Dexter take Lydia to see the ocean was quite beautiful though.

    The other thing I liked about this section was our introduction to Mr. Q … I like that he feels like the mob bosses I come to expect from shows like The Sopranos or The Godfather trilogy. Meg is an expert on all things mob related and I’m sure she was into how creepy they make Mr. Q sound.

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