11 December 2017

Helter Skelter Book Club: Week 11

This is not the last week. I repeat, this is NOT the last week. The epilogue and afterword are going to be unreal guys let's keep up momentum. Next week will be the grand finale and we can pick a new book!!!!

Even though I knew how this ended, I still found the convictions so fucking satisfying. Yes, jail, fuck you all you scary psychopaths. However, I found the sentencing especially grim. I don't know where I sit with the death penalty really so it's a hard subject for me to read about. On one hand, I want them to face the ultimate punishment, the worst their is, but on the other hand, I want them to rot in jail for a lifetime and never get the freedom death offers them. 

I especially liked Bugliosi keeping his statements during sentencing short and sweet. "If this is not a case worthy of the death penalty, what would be?"... This is so powerful because honestly when it's positioned that way, they for sure do deserve it. 

I also liked the parts about the girls' families and how some chose to stand by their kids and others wanted nothing more to do with them. I wonder how I'd feel? I'd want my child in jail, to be contained and have the opportunity for treatment, but I wouldn't want her to die I don't think. I'd hope I'd go to court and try to plead for a life sentence. But, I am a pussy so... 

I don't want to talk too much I mostly want to know what do you guys think? Are we happy with how this went?

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