18 December 2017

Helter Skelter Book Club: THE FINAL WEEK


Guys, we're done! I feel like this was a large accomplishment. Not as big as Moby Dick but only because that wasn't even enjoyable.

I really liked how Bugliosi took things into 'present' day context at the end... where the Family is at now, how things have been proceeding, etc. I like to learn about the mass amounts of fan mail Manson recieves etc. It seems almost bittersweet that he's dead now right as we finish the book. I'd love to be following his Twitter feed or something (assuming he had one).

I, myself, have no opinion on the death penalty so it's hard to say whether I felt relieved or disappointed when Manson and the girls got relieved of their sentences. For Manson, it almost seems like death would have been a privilege for him that he didn't deserve, but what do I know?

I really liked Bugliosi's writing style and feel somewhat compelled to read his other work but I'm not sure if I'm that interested in the content. I felt surprised to learn he'd continued as an author rather than a lawyer, but I guess prosecuting Manson would be the high to go out on...

It seems weird to me that we still care so much about this case, as there have been far worse serial killers since the Manson Family. I think it goes back to what Meg said in an earlier section about there being no particular rhyme or reason for this... which scares people more almost than something we can apply reason to. It's the cult aspect that makes it so famous I guess.

Are we happy we read this or how do we feel? I'm glad I did, I really liked it and found it well-written and super interesting. I previously knew nothing about this group at all...


Another bookclub down! It was cool to try nonfiction for our third choice. I felt like because it was true crime we were all able to add a little more to our discussions because we can draw from the facts and knowledge we already knew going into the book. I will definitely say I learned A LOT about the case. I think a lot of people assume they know the whole story because it is such a well-known murder, but I was surprised by how much I had no idea about.

And, like Meg said, it was really weird that Manson died while we were reading and finishing up book club.

As for whether or not I fully enjoyed the book.... I would say I found it to be a little too dense for my liking. I'm glad I read it because I feel like I am now pretty well versed in the crimes and the court case, but I think this book only sold as well as it did because people are obsessed with Manson..

I will say it was great to read from the perspective of the actual lawyer who prosecuted Manson instead of just an author who researched the story.

So, what are everyone's final thoughts? And who is ready to pick another book for a 2018 club??

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