5 November 2020

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

We're not sure if we can't believe it's the holiday season already or if this year has felt like 10, but either way, it's time. As per usual we've got 10 books we think would make excellent gifts this year. People are either doing a lot of reading or they're about to start...

There are a lot of great memoirs out this year (Barack Obama, Jane Fonda, etc.) to suit a wide range of interests but the one that I'm most interested in is Matthew Mcconaughey's titled Greenlights. First off, the cover is gorgeous. He looks like actual art, and I'm not even a Mcconaughey girl. I also think it will be crazy interesting as he's had such a long and diverse career. I can't think of anybody who enjoys pop culture and reading that this wouldn't appeal to.

There has been too much Hamilton talk in my life, especially for the month of July. Ben, Stefan and Ashley were obsessed with the story and playing the songs. They all seemed to absolutely hate it, but couldn't stop talking about it. Stefan mentioned that Ishmael Reed wrote a play called The Haunting of Lin-Manuel Miranda where Miranda is visited by a series of historical ghosts. The story is written similarly to A Christmas Carol. For anyone who enjoyed or hate-watched Hamilton, I think this would be an interesting and enjoyable read! 

This actually came out last year but I've seen so many people talk about it since that I think it would make a great gift for someone in your life who likes keeping up with fiction. It also has all the telltale signs and hype for an upcoming film adaptation so it would be good to get ahead of that (we'll see if I'm right). It's about a black woman who is accused of kidnapping a white child she's babysitting.

This is a 2013 novel about a young slave whose life becomes entangled with famous abolitionist John Brown. This book adaptation is currently airing on Showtime and stars Ethan Hawke as Brown. His performance is out of control (in a good way) and it's been interesting to learn a little more about him. If you know anyone who enjoys historical fiction, then this could be a great option. 

This isn't something I thought I'd be interested in but it seems like every woman and their mother have been obsessing over it this year, plus there are a few essays by Glennon Doyle online that I'm very into. I think any female you shop for would appreciate this, it's sort of like a Brene Brown style hype book that is meant to change your life. I included it on our summer reading list as well and here we are 6 months later...

Now that the pandemic has ruined all wide-release movies, we all have plenty of time to read the ~400-paged science fiction novel by Frank Herbert that Denis Villeneuve has adapted. Watching the trailer makes me yearn for a night at the movies more than anything else... but a great book can make up for most things. I also love having a deadline for what books I want to read, so this gift would be something I'd appreciate. 

Jerry Seinfeld has a new book out that compiles decades of notes, bits, jokes, etc. I know a handful of people in my life that love Seinfeld and would love to have this book, even just as a keepsake. I let my friend Ally know about it and she ordered 3 copies for her fiance and his family.

I actually asked my parents to get me this for Christmas because I remember hearing good things. This novel was written in 2018 but feels VERY 2020. Who wouldn't want to sleep through this entire year?

I thought this was going to be a 'coffee table' book since the McGees are interior designers but it's actually a book about how they built their businesses. The couple have a brand new show on Netflix called Dream Home Makeover so a lot of people likely know who they are and would be interested in their story. I think this would appeal to aspiring entrepreneurs, anyone looking to pursue a passion project that needs a bit of a boost, or anyone into interior design.

I am a massive Grisham-film fan, but have never read one of his books. I can always rely on him to give me a comforting movie experience, and also to have a new book out at Christmas. In fact, I can't remember a Christmas where my sister and I didn't get my dad the new John Grisham book.

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