16 April 2018

Manhattan Beach Book Club: Week 7

This section was a lot more exciting than last week's.

One line I really liked was when Eddie was talking about life at war and on the ship, and how he starts talking about his messed up family life. Everyone on the ship pretty much just shrugs him off as if they've heard it before and Eddie thinks to himself "the war had made him ordinary."

I liked that line so much because this has got to be so true. Everyone is in this miserable situation and are only thinking about themselves. They miss their own messed up family and are probably sick of hearing about everyone else's.

I was really annoyed with Dexter forcing his way down on the dive ... of course this man doesn't care that it is incredibly dangerous and that not everyone can just pull it off on a whim. He threatens Anna's two friends and then says to them:

"You're in a different world right now, my friend. It may look like the one you know, may smell like it, sound like it, but what goes on here doesn't carry over. When you wake up tomorrow, none of this will have happened."

The final thing I will say is that when Anna and Dexter are down there searching for her father's body it really reminded me of stories Meg told me about when she was a life guard. They had to do a search for someone who had drowned and they would line up together and you would do something like 3 pulls forward, one back, waiting to see if they encountered a body. And how the whole time you were just hoping you wouldn't feel something in the dark water.

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