23 December 2016

Moby Dick Book Club: Week 8


Meghan took a break this week because it was her birthday. We will forgive her but mark my words she will be reading and updating this section. This section included three freaking chapters that were descriptions of whale heads. Seriously? I was so bored.

The chapters that were actual plot in this section I did like. I was laughing a lot at Queequeg fighting off sharks with his feet (what?) and Ishmael just standing by, doing nothing, saying "poor Queequeg". I also laughed at the part where Stubb rips on poor little Dough-boy for trying to offer Queequeg ginger instead of booze. I have missed Dough-boy.

My favourite section was Stubb and Flask talking shit about Fedallah and how they're positive he's the devil. I feel like we use that expression loosely but it seems as though they may have been serious. I love when Stubb says "sink him" so sinister-like. 

Below for your enjoyment is a picture since I know I'm the only one with pictures... this is the scene where Tashtego is draining the oil out of the whale head. Right before he falls into the head and starts sinking to the bottom of the ocean aka the most horrifying thing I've ever heard.

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  1. It was a tricky section again, containing far too much biology for my liking.
    Some notes I have were...
    I wondered if in chapter 71 when they talk about the 'american whale fleet' book of signs if that is actually a real thing, sounds neat.
    I also really liked the visual in chapter 72 of Queequeg on the whale slipping around as if he was on a treadmill haha.
    The end of ch 74 was a lot with the butchering of the jaw, the teeth and the gums of the whale... Felt pretty grossed out with this.