17 August 2016

Andi Dorfman: It's Not Okay

It was inevitable for me to read this because I'm a die-hard fan of the Bachelor franchise and Andi Dorfman was one of my favourite Bachelorettes. Having read these types of books from previous contestants, I was excited for all of the gruesome, behind the scenes details and in that sense it didn't disappoint. I really liked all the content, she was honest (sometimes alarmingly so) and gave the fans what we wanted but her teenage-girl's-diary style writing really ruined it for me.

 Andi pissed a lot of people off writing this book, and I can see why. While she refers to the men throughout by number, if you've watched the show you still know who she's talking about. You can tell this writing is coming from a very bitter and recently-broken heart because she goes into detail about the emotional abuse of her exes and their flaws down to exact situations and conversations. This is what she promised her fans (and this is why I liked it) but it is understandable that she made a lot of enemies writing this and maybe didn't do a lot of good to her own integrity. Josh, her ex-fiancĂ©e, has called this book 'fiction' but I will be classing it as non-fiction because I believe the girl.

There are a lot of good bits throughout, including gossip about some of the other women, detailed sexual encounters, and typical female, relatable thoughts. I read this book in about two days after coming out of my own break-up because it serves its purpose as being comforting and entertaining, but also because it's extremely easy to read. It's easily the same difficulty as The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series that I read when I was 10.

I know sometimes these 'celebrity' authors have ghost writers that do the actual work but in this case I feel like Andi did the majority of the writing here. There's no credit to a ghost writer which I think is necessary but also the writing is just garbage. The content flashes between bouts of Andi getting drunk in bed in the days immediately after her break-up- which are meant to be 'diary' entries from that time (doubtful), and recollections of her relationships and her time on the show. It comes across as very whiney, very shallow, and very adolescent. I really hope she didn't have a ghost writer because it's easier to believe Andi's just not a great writer (which good news, it's not her real job!)

Overall, I would still recommend this book to any bachelor fan. You'll get tons of good secrets about Juan-Pablo, Andi, Nick, Josh, and some of the other girls, plus it's just fun to read. If you are not a bachelor-fan and you're just looking for something to help with heartbreak, there are much, much better books.

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